We Going On A Field Trip!!!!

We Going On A Field Trip!!!!

Note: I go to school on Saturday through Wednesday. I’d like you guys to remember that throughout this post.

Hi Guys!!!

So first let us deal with the worthless stuff:

* I had some pain in my throat. It kinda like a scrape which is weird.

*I brought a huge water and turns out it tasted weird which is funny

* In I.C.T the teacher made me sit in the middle of the boy aisle O-o

So lets get down to the actual meaning of the post.

On Wednesday we are supposed to go on a field trip to a little town (IDK the name) near us. The fee’s 10 dollars,and we are supposed bring food and something to read so we don’t get bored.

This is huge, cause this is the first field trip in this school so far for us so we probably have NO idea what to do. but thats OK.

So now i need to figure out what to bring 🙂


2 thoughts on “We Going On A Field Trip!!!!

  1. Hi! I’m Aubree from DD! (When DD had comments 😦 ) I had to go on a field trip too. The bus ride was over two hours long and the entire time I had to listen to the boys sing 100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall which was very off-key I have to add. I like the background of your blog 😀


    1. Thanks.

      I didn’t go though, my mom said i could stay home, so i did, but that sounds like a drag. i would’ve sang it louder to there faces if i were u.

      And i changed my blog theme cause this one is cool. you scroll down and it loads more posts


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