Bored As Hell,

Bored As Hell,

Like, the only interesting thing that happened is I am craving pizza 😛

But  I DID have a 5 day holiday, cause I didn’t go on that trip.

It basically would be getting stuck in a bus with boys (I strongly believe in boy germs lol) in summer heat (Where I live its summer like ALL year) for an hour while we just get HUNGRY and tired and be shaked around from the shit roads of the area. And i don’t even know what we were going to do, like we just would be going around NOWHERE doing NOTHING, so i stayed home.

So, then the next day was the weekend, and afterwards that it was Eid. So i stayed home an extra 2 days. So i read fanfics and all that from Qoutev and Wattpad and just plain relaxed and did my homework.

See. my tlife has been BORING, seriously…

Oh by the way…

Twitter: @SadiAdam2

Instagram: @SadiAdam

Anyway, Bye, gonna post tommorow.


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