Today Was Eventful… Kinda…

Today Was Eventful… Kinda…

Hi guys!

So today, my friend Jamila (IDKH but my phone related that and Kamikaze) was sick or something so she wasn’t in school for a week. She came back and we had an argument because, you see we have a code, and she thinks that   I told someone else the code. Its because they have a code of there own and she can’t see the difference.

So I sat next to Aysha my friend and  I swear to god her family has the weirdest story’s.

She should make a book. It would sell.

Anyway, in P.E we were all playing this game, where you basically shout ” there’s a ____ in your bum and ____________”. A strange game, but we are a weird class.

Thats it



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