That Boy who stares..

That Boy who stares..

Hello guys!! How are you doing???

So, there is this boy in are class, and he has been staring at my friend Aysha, since.last year

I think

Anyway, we caught him staring at the girl side of rhe class smiling, now he is in the middle aisle and we are the direct opposite of him. So I told my friend that he was staring at us. She said he was the guy who was staring at her and smiling in 6th grade, even doing that once when he was getting beaten by the teacher.

So I made a note telling him to lnot stare at Aysha, and that it was creepy . I must off pissed cuz he ripped it apart.

Now I’m scared to hell.

And I cant say sorry cause Boys and Girls dont speak here.




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