Sick, Somali, and School

Sick, Somali, and School

Hai Guys,
I’m sick today so I thought I would take advantage of the Internet and time.
I haven’t been here in a while, because I was busy.

Anyway, yesterday I read a whole page of Somali which is huge for me And I’ve been living in Harigesia for 4 freaking years  now what is wrong with me.

I read it all and my friends said I said it right, and everyone asked me if I knew Somali.

If i knew Somali I would speak it dumba**.

Sorry if I sound rude but I cuss like a sailor in real life ok.

I showed my mum and dad and they were happy, my dad told me what I read was about fishing and stuff and that’s it.

Know about the School part…

My school has took out some teachers, so the first few weeks of the new term were easy.

Our ICT teacher wasn’t even there. There was rumors she got arrested in Kenya. Our new somali teacher wears all denim and has a pot belly, and sends us out to the principal for little stuff.

Im lucky to stay home today. I don’t wanna go to school.

BTW, I wanna make a rant book, but I don’t know where to start. Help meeeeeh.

Well bai, this is turning into a rant in its self so.




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