That Girl Cray

That Girl Cray

Hi guys!
So, not much happening lately.
I wamted to fill you guys in on this story

-You know my post about the boy who punched me?

Well, his sister pretty much jumped me.

Basically, I share a car home with her, so we have to wait together. So, we sat in the KG playground and this uncle of ours (We’re cousins) came up and showed us fruits of this vine plant thing on the fences around the playground, and gave us one each.

So, when he left, the girl and Idil (the headmasters daughter and my cousin) messed theres up. Mime was okay.

Then they turn to me looking evil and then the chick tackles me.

I was sitting on a bench when she did this, so I fell back and ended up one the floor, with her and Idil trying to force the fruit in my mouth.

I had to freaking struggle, but I got that bitch off of me.

And, she tackled me again.

This went for a few.minutes, before I ran like a fucking gazelle and got out of there.

That family cray.
And that is the story of the crazy bitch who tackled me.

Jammy, sorry it took so long to write.

But, i didn’t help u were pretty much messaging me the whole time.


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